5 Secrets to Success

Goals and Dreams

The Secret of Success is to have goals and dreams but you need to have the drive to make them come true. Many people have dreams, but unfortunately, they do not take action on those dreams, they do not get up and make things happen. Their dreams are just that, dreams. They also let people steal their dreams…What do I mean about that? These are the people that put your goals, ambitions and dream down, they talk you out of it and say its a crazy idea or you will never achieve that , don’t even try. When we set a dream that may seem impossible to fulfill in the beginning, they discourage and tell us,

To be successful, it doesn’t matter if somebody steals your wallet, credit cards, or cash, you can still go ahead without these. But by letting someone steal your dreams, you let them steal your success too!

Drop The Negative Words

Success can be achieved provided you learn to bury the following words “but” “If” “Cant” “Tired” “. These words should not be in your vocabulary and must be forgotten, they will just set you up for failure. When you use these words in your life very often, it actually stops you from succeeding. You manifest what you think about most so in order to achieve success you need to think of it as already happened. Hence remove the words from your vocabulary completely! People sometimes say, “I would have succeeded, “but” because of certain reasons, I did not do it”; “I also would have succeeded, “but” the markets were not right at that point of time”; or “I would have succeeded, “but” my family didn’t support me” or “if my family supported me”. These types of statements with “but” are sure to hold us back from success. To be successful, BURY negative words that can hold you back. Stop saying “I would have succeeded “if ” I had the money”; “I did not succeed “because” I fell sick”; and “I will succeed “someday””. Once you don’t let negative words into your mind, you will surely be on your way to success!

I can, I will, I am a success, I have reached my goal. Believe it in your mind and you will SUCCEED.

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

Those who don’t want to plan don’t want to succeed, just as those who want to succeed make sure that they plan. In simple words, if you do not have a plan, then you plan to fail.

Is it possible to construct a skyscraper / building without plans and a blue print. When you start a business what is the first thing you need to do….Write a business PLAN. The best way to succeed it plan your success, that way you can see it in your mind before you achieve. Remember , thoughts manifest things and if you can see it and  believe it in your mind you can achieve it in reality. Ask successful people and they will tell you that if you fail to plan, then you surely plan to fail. Remember this Secret of Success the next time you want to succeed. Start with a plan and you will soon be seeing success!

Control Your Mind

One thing that held me back for years was my mind. I would constantly jump from one thing to another. It wouldn’t matter if i was flat out busy doing something important my mind would wonder and I would find myself doing something totally opposite. Successful people tell us that the mind is like a monkey. It keeps jumping from one thought to another and one idea to another. The mind is attracted and distracted, but well, that’s the problem with everybody’s mind–mine and yours. To be successful, learn to tame your mind, learn to focus and to concentrate. Stop jumping from one thought to the other! If you have a thought, write it down, come back to it later, and don’t “jump” to another thought till you do justice to the current thought. Don’t let your mind get distracted and let it think of multiple thoughts at the same time.

Don’t Just Work Hard, Work Smart

While we all want to succeed and are prepared to work our little asses off it sometimes its a bigger person to take step back and look to see how one can actually make their life easier by working smarter. Something that took me a long time to work out. Successful people on the other hand, use this as probably one of the first secrets and best principles of success. They don’t just work hard, they work smart too. Of course, they do work hard, without hard work, you just can’t succeed, but everyone who works hard doesn’t succeed at exactly what they want. I was a perfect example of that. You need to learn to work hard and smart, this is where the magic happens. Find ways that can speed up your work or the process in which you get things done. Find ways the will make your job or task easier so you can move onto the next task. Learn to delegate tasks to other people if you are win a job, if you don’t ask you will not know. Successful people work hard and smart too! So can you.


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