Are You Failing At Your Fitness Goals

Have you ever sat down and thought, shit, why the hell am I just not succeeding in reaching my goals? Why are there people out there that just seem to crack the whip and get shit done. It doesn’t matter whether they building muscle, getting shredded and making huge profit trading forex. It often seems like a complicated puzzle that can only solved by a few number of lucky individuals. Nothing could be further from the truth and I am here to help shed some light on a few factors that could help you in life.


Persistence means getting to the gym or checking the charts day in,  day out, week in, week out, year in and year out. Persistence is a key to success, you cannot expect to make those freaky lean gains , or crazy ass profits if you are not going to put int he hard work it takes to make those gains. If you aren’t persistent with your workouts, your eating, or your chart analysis nothing else will matter. What ever your goal if you do not put the effort every chance you get you are just wasting your time.

Exercise Selection

Bodybuilding is referred to body sculpting for a reason and in order to get the best chisel you need to use the best tools and let me tell you that it does not matter where you are you will always have the right tools to smash any workout. Exercises are your tools and the most effective exercises are compound and bodyweight movements.

Good Nutrition

Now this is something that I struggle with now that I am not dieting for any competitions. You can train like a Mother Fooking beast but if you aren’t eating properly you won’t build muscle or get those bad ass shredz. Not just in bodybuilding but in general,  nutrition isn’t simply about “eating clean.” You must also be aware of how any calories, and grams of protein you are taking in each day if you really want to build lean muscle and or get that shredded physique.


The reason I never get bored of the gym is that I always change my workouts or challenge myself to something new and different. If you don’t challenge yourself in the gym, your body has no reason to build muscle. You must find a way to push yourself limits to new levels. If you are new to body building or a seasoned lazy trainer the most efficient way of doing this is through progression of weight or resistance. Progression is simply pushing yourself on every rep as you possibly can (it is not necessary to train to failure). Unless you push yourself and either go heavier weekly or changing the temp of your workouts your body will adapt quickly and your gains will stop.


Bodybuilding or physical training is not just about lifting heavy weights, there are many other factors to succeeding that just that. You cannot train chest everyday you have to rest it in order for it to grow. You need to have a structured program to achieve maximum results in your program. If your goal is to get a low body fat % you need to introduce various cardio routines and rest each body part enough so that you can push your training to the limit the next time you train that body part. When you over train you kill your gains as you cannot perform a the level you need to each workout.

A good workout plan is balanced, and features a near-equal amount of work for opposing muscle groups and a reasonable amount of training volume. Over time training imbalances often create shoulder issues, elbow tendonitis and other common training injuries that force you to take time away from training. It goes without saying that missed workouts will slow your progress towards your goals.

To be successful you will need to bust your ass off,  there are no short cuts, and no easy routes,  no magic workouts, potions, lotions, pills or diets. JUST SMART HARD WORK.

The Shredded FX Trader

No Excuses

Stop being lazy and making excuses, we all have the same 24 hours in a day. You will feel stiff, tight and have ahces and strains but you will not die so stop being a little b$%£@ and keep going.  Those that reach success set aside excuses and do the work required to achieve their goals.

Perform Challenging Exercises

To be successful you must be willing to perform the most challenging exercises and routines. My favourite muscle building exercises are squats, deadlifts and a bench press. Learn to execute each exercises with perfect form, it will not come quick and easy it will take practice and dedication but the better you can perform each exercises the quick your success will come.

Master Your Body

Everybody is different, everybody responds to different foods, different training methods etc so what works for me might not work for you as long as you are truly sticking to the program and working hard. To be successful you must master your body. We it comes to your training and your diet. Learn what works for you and what doesn’t. 

Stop Jumping Around

What gets me is people put in the grind daily for 2 weeks and expect to see these magical results, it doesn’t work like that. If you want to see change in your body it has to be a lifestyle change, you have to make significant changes and stick to them. Do not jump from diet to diet, program to program and expect to see the results quicker. To be successful you must learn that hard work and a good eating plan are the keys to progress.  If you train hard and eat properly you can build muscle on nearly any program.

Know What You’re Eating

When it comes to muscle building, fat loss, strength training or any sport for that matter you have to know what you are eating, what foods are good to eat and more importantly when to eat them. To be successful you must know what’s going into your body. This requires at least a minimal understanding of your daily calorie and protein intake. “Guessing” or “trying to eat healthy” are imprecise nutritional methods. Take control learn about macros and develop an eating plan that suits your lifestyle.

Be Willing To Learn

Learn as much as you can about training , food, dieting, everything you want to succeed at. Read one article a day to improve your knowledge, learn new habits as this will speed up the process to reaching your goals as you will be able to stay motivated and hungry.


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