Don’t Let Anyone Steal Your Dreams

The Secret of Success is to have goals and dreams, to push relentlessly forward and make them come true. Many people have dreams, but unfortunately, they never reach their goals or dreams. They never push forward and listen to negative people that hold them back!. Who are these people? Sadly, they are sometimes our closest friends and relatives – the people who we trust most. When having a dream and then we set a goal that may seem impossible to fulfill in the beginning, they discourage and tell us, “This goal is impossible! Stop dreaming…

To be successful is easy, it doesn’t matter if somebody steals your wallet, credit cards, or cash, you can still go ahead without these. But by letting someone steal your dreams, you let them steal your success too!

Work for Success

Drop The Negative Words

Success can be achieved provided you learn to bury the words “but”, “if” and “cant”. These are failure words.  When you use these words in your life very often, it actually stops you from succeeding. It is a subconscious reminder that you cannot achieve your goals. The first thing you should do once you have set your goals has removed these words from your vocabulary People sometimes say, “I would have succeeded, “but” because of certain reasons, I did not do it”; “I also would have succeeded, “but” the markets were not right at that point of time”; or “I would have succeeded, “but” my family didn’t support me”. DONT BE THAT GUY!

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

We only get one shot at life so why waste it? We live in an exciting time with endless opportunities to create huge success for ourselves and our families. If you fail to plan you are planning to fail it is that simple. You don’t hear of any world-class athletes just turning up on game day and dominating the game without putting in the 200% effort in. It is simple, if you do not have a plan, then you plan to fail. Can we construct a building without a blueprint plan? Can any business succeed without a plan? Can any government run a country without a plan? Has anybody succeeded ever? Ask successful people and they will tell you that if you fail to plan, then you surely plan to fail. Remember this Secret of Success the next time you want to succeed. Start with a plan and you will soon have direction an soon be seeing success!

Control Your Mind To Achieve Your Goals

I kind of feel the older I get the more my mind wonders off onto different topics. I find it extremely difficult to stay focused on one thing for long periods of time. Controlling my mind is still a learning process,  but I have a way that works for me. I find that once I have switched tasks I immediately get up and either get a glass of water or cup of coffee. It is so easy nowadays with social media to jump from one platform to the other, so once you have established where your problem is then you need to find a way to stop yourself doing it.

To be successful, learn to control your mind. Once you do this, you will learn to focus and to concentrate and you will stop jumping from one thought to the other! If you have a thought, write it down, come back to it later, and don’t “jump” to another thought till you do justice to the current thought. Don’t let your mind get distracted and let it think of multiple thoughts at the same time. Stay Focused….


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