How to Stay Motivated To Train

Staying motivated is probably one of the hardest things about training. I mean you want to get in shape but there are days when you just don’t feel like busting your ass and getting down to train. As a result, they never end up finishing the program that they started.

I bet that everyone at some point in their training era has experienced this. The first couple weeks you’re excited about a new program, but then you hit a rut. It’s not as “fun” as it was at first. I know I have experienced this many times over but there are ways to get you out the rut and keep pushing forward. Going to the gym several days a week gets pretty monotonous, I get that. The novelty wears off and you miss a day, and then you miss two days, and then you’re completely off the rails eating Oreos for breakfast lunch and dinner.

It is easy to get the best training program and best nutrition package out there, and while those are great it is YOU that needs the most work and your mind. Staying motivated every day to reach your training and fitness goals is not easy. Staying on point with your diet and nutrition is even harder especially if you are a socialite and always out with friends.

So let’s knuckle down and tackle the issue of motivation head-on, with real-world tools you can use to maintain your focus and stay on track.

1. Have a Training Partner

By having a training partner is who is equally motivated to reaching a specific goal you will both or all of you will stay hungry to reach those goals. It is true that there are days where we will not feel like training but if you have someone that there is tell you to stop being a pussy and get your ass to the gym then you are half-way there. I don’t know a person that has come out the gym and said I feel shit after that workout even if you feel shit before the workout. A good training partner will lift you up on the down days and push you harder on the good days.

John Champion Project X

2. Join a community

The Internet can be a wonderful place as it allows for like-minded people to come together for discussion and support in pursuit of a common goal. Social media communities are a great way to talk with other people around the world about training and nutrition; to celebrate accomplishments, share in the struggles, and support one another through ups and downs.

You will get far better results when you frequently discuss your fitness goals and progress with your training partners, friends in the gym and with your online communities. By speaking more to people you will end up learning more about training and nutrition. By learning more you will be motivated to push more with your new found knowledge.

3. Learn

The more you learn the more you will know, the quicker and better your results will be. That’s why my program is not only designed to deliver results in muscle mass, strength, and body fat – they’re also designed to teach you something about training and to educate you so that you can grow not just in your fitness goals but as a person.

In my Project X Program, you will learn that it’s possible to get leaner while getting stronger. And you also learned that HIIT in between sets is not only an efficient and effective way to get in cardio and burn fat, but it can actually improve overall strength.

We live in the digital age where it is easier now more than ever to learn something new. Everything you need to learn is available online and through your phones either through various websites or here on The Shredded FX Trader. You can even watch my training videos on the go through my website and youtube channel if you do not know how to do a particular exercise.

4.  Follow a Champion

There are many people that are 100% satisfied with the way they look, the reason for that is we are always trying to improve on what we have achieved already. It doesn’t matter how lean and muscular you are, you’re always trying to improve upon it. To me, that is just dedication and this fits the same bill for work or business. To progress in life we always need to beat the person we become. That’s moving forward… I call it dedication.

By following people you admire you motivate yourself to keep pushing on your fitness goals. Whether you are scrolling through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or your fitness online communities it can keep you motivated seeing others pushing hard for their goals. Knowing the sacrifice they made to get in that shape helps me realize that I can stay motivated and be dedicated to making the necessary sacrifice to reach my own goals.

Let other people’s physiques provide inspiration, not discouragement. If you admire someone who’s extremely fit, find out what he or she did to get so fit and incorporate that into your own training program and lifestyle.


5. Music

Music is the most uplifting thing and not just when it comes to training. You can be having the shittest day ever and when your favorite song comes on it feels like all your worries go away. Having good music that you look forward to listening to can help you stay motivated to get to the gym. Once at the gym, that music can help you have a better workout, it can push you when don’t feel like pushing. Pump up the volume in the music beats and the volume in your training will increase too.

6. Gratitude

Now while you might thinking what the hell does GRATITUDE have to do with training, it is the one thing that lifts you up psychologically without training. If you are in a good place mentally then you will always feel positive about training. Often in life, the things that disappoint us, upset us, and depress us are silly things that add up and make us want to give in and give up. And so the stresses of life add up and derail the fitness plan that was supposed to help derail the stress. By being grateful for all the little things we have in our lives and all thing things we have accomplished we can always be happy. You can be negative when you are feeling grateful for something.

Sounds ridiculous, right?! Sometimes we just need to get over ourselves. There are people battling cancer every day, and others going hungry who have no idea where their next meal is coming from, who would love to have “first world problems” like you and me.

Surround yourself with others who will also help keep you in check and hold you accountable. Real friends will tell you what you need to hear when you need to hear it. Be grateful for what you have in your life and what you are able to do, others don’t have the opportunity to train and get into shape or eat the foods that you do.

Live, laugh, train hard and never give up.


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