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We all see those Instagram posts of athletes shredded to the bone and it is inspiring but how many people have the time in the day to weight train for an hour or 2 and then still 30-45 mins of cardio. You either have an intense job which you work long hours or you have a family and kids that you need to spend time with. If you have followed any of my posts or used my Project X program you know that I am not a fan of doing LISS ( Low-Intensity Steady State ) cardio and I much prefer doing HIIT. I find high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is far superior as it shortens the time in the gym and accelerates your metabolism long after your training has ended. I came up with the method Power HIIT, let me explain. 

The way I have been training for the last 5 years is by keeping my intensity high during my workouts. I use a method which I call Power HIIT. You are well aware of the effects that High-Intensity Interval Training can have the body physically and so to add to this I have incorporated this into my weight training programs. Let me explain what Power HIIT Training is.

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Power HIIT refers to doing intervals of cardio (usually 30-45 seconds) in between sets of resistance training. As an example, on chest day, you would do one set of the bench press. Then instead of sitting around for 2-3 minutes doing nothing or checking your phone, you perform 30-45 seconds of HIIT cardio. This allows your chest to fully recover while you are performing some mode of cardio that typically involves the legs or abs. If you are training legs you can do some shadow boxing. abs exercises or skipping.

So instead of sitting on your arse for 2-3 minutes or chin wagging, you are doing 30-45 seconds of cardio while you would have normally been just sitting there counting minutes or checking your social media or emails. You will repeat this after each set of exercises. During a typical workout, you could essentially add 20-30 minutes of cardio. And now you don’t have to spend extra time doing cardio after the weight training workout is over. You can go home knowing you’ve done your weight training AND your cardio killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

The researchers suggested that the HIIT can increase blood flow to the working muscles, which delivers more nutrients like glucose and amino acids, as well as oxygen, to the muscles to help them recover better. Coincidently, delivering more nutrients, especially amino acids, to the muscles during workouts can help them grow bigger. Personally, I’ve noticed that I’m bigger, stronger and leaner than I’ve ever been since I started using Power HIIT.

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There is another element to Power HIIT which you can use to take your training and your gainz to the next level. I am a huge fan of supersets and what I do is I superset 2 muscle groups together and before doing power HIIT. As an example, if I am doing chest and triceps I will do 1 set of chest, with a set of triceps and then I will do my 30-45 seconds of cardio followed by 45-90seconds of rest. This is how I am able to train all body parts twice a week while varying my exercises and doing cardio every day. Remember, you’re doing 30-45 second intervals of cardio. And then moving on to something else. And then coming back to the cardio. Those are intervals. And because those intervals only last 30-60 seconds, you can do them at a high intensity. Since Power HIIT involves intervals of cardio done at a high intensity, Power HIIT is essentially HIIT. It’s just another form of HIIT that you can do. Plus, on days that I don’t hit the weights, I still do my usual HIIT workouts.

Here’s a list of many exercises that you can use for Power HIIT. I suggest that you alternate frequently for variety.

Jogging on the spot
Knee Highs
Tuck Jumps
Mountain Climbers Standing
Moutain Climbers
Skipping Rope
Jumping jacks
Jump squat (body weight)
Jumping Lunges
Marine Press Ups
Kettlebell swing
Heavy Bag Work (punches, kicks, elbows, knees)
Medicine ball overhead throw
Medicine ball slam
Bench step ups
Bench Jumps


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