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John Champion, TSFXTrader
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I don’t think I have met a person yet who hasn’t asked me how o build your arms or more importantly your biceps. What you need to understand is that 2/3 of your arm is your tricep. If you want bigger arms then you build those horseshoes!!!

One thing I have learned in all my years of training is that you will get better results if you remove your ego when you walk into the gym. Good controlled exercises with proper form. Muscle building is different than weightlifting, reduce the weight and perform quality controlled reps.

Focus on not moving the elbows when you curl. Keep them tucked into your sides and DO NOT let them flair, move back or come forward as you curl. When you curl and your elbow comes forward it is now taking pressure off the bicep and thusly gravity is no longer fully affecting the stress of the bicep. Keep the elbows as fixed as you can and if you struggle to do this then use a bench to keep them isolated.

The Bicep is made up of two different heads. Performing everything with the same shoulder width grip will absolutely limit your growth. Wide grips, narrow grips, shoulder width, even doing reverse curls from time to time and absolutely smash them from every angle.

When you train triceps, the position of your arms, hands, and elbows are the biggest difference between a great tricep workout and a mediocre one.

If you don’t use the right position, you won’t isolate them properly. Simple as that. So you need to pay close attention to where your arms are facing during all exercises targeting the triceps.

In order to isolate the Triceps effectively during the movement, your arms should always be about shoulder width apart, palms should be facing

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inward and elbows pointing directly ahead or behind depending on the exercise.

So when you’re doing dips, your elbows should be facing directly backward with your arms as close to your body as possible. Don’t spread them, don’t use a wide grip, use the narrowest grip that will allow you to bring your elbows to your sides at about shoulder width.

Instead of focusing on full range of motion on some exercises use half or 3/4 reps and change the tempo of your rep speed. This works especially well on cable curls when you get constant tension.

Incorporate negatives and forced reps with the help from your lifting partner. Muscles grow from the 2-3 reps you perform after you hit failure and not just the standard 10 rep workout.

Change up your workout. Do not do the same things and same rep schemes every week. There are many different arm and tricep exercises that you can do so, make sure every time you train, you change at least 1 exercises on your routine. Some weeks I work in the 10-12 rep range, sometimes it is more 4-6. Incorporate more advanced schemes such as supersets, tri-sets, drop sets. I have always done 21’s with an ezee bar for as long as I can remember varying the grip from inside to outside. I will also do weighted dips every 2 weeks while keeping the rep speed to a minimum.

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