Inside LA’s $500 Million Mansion

Just when you think you have seen it all you come across a $500 million mega-mansion. While it isn’t the most expensive property on the market it certainly some jazz about it and not to mention the location is probably one of the best parts about this mansion. Film producer and real estate developer Nile Niami has boasted about 100,000-square-foot Bel Air, California property, The One, but it’s actually a 73,934 square-foot main house and some adjacent buildings that make up that total figure.

Niles Niami specializes in homes for the super-rich. All he needs is a billionaire to snap up his LA hilltop mansion called “The One”

Sweeping in every direction is a panoramic view of Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean. Beneath him is a gargantuan glass and marble residence with moats, four swimming pools, 20 bedrooms, 30 bathrooms a nightclub, a bowling alley,a 30-car gallery, a 45-seat IMAXa cinema, walls and ceilings made of jellyfish aquariums. From this hilltop in Bel Air, LA’s plushest neighborhood, other estates belonging to the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Elon Musk look outrageously tiny in comparison to this monster of a mansion.

Despite several appeals, the city denied letting Niami add a second indoor kitchen he hoped to have for catered events. It seems the neighbors aren’t keen on having a “party house” in the area. The new owner will just have to limit the number of guests to fit his Wine chiller or private Night Club.

According to Niami, one of the One’s biggest selling points is that they will never allow a home of this size to be built on a Bel Air hill again. They changed the hillside ordinance rules so a home of this size on this much land will not be allowed to be built in L.A. again.”

An incredible piece of architecture that is surely going to get used to its maximum potential and hopefully there will be some big-name celebrity parties held at this mega mansion.

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