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So you want to get jacked and or shredded but you have been either too lazy to motivate yourself or you just don’t know how to combine a good training program with a good nutritional diet.

To give you a brief background on my history when it comes to sports and training. I started at the age of 4 years old racing motocross bikes where I would go on to win multiple championships in my junior years. After a really nasty accident, my parents decided to sell my bike and put me into karting thinking 4 wheels would be safer than 2… Well, you can kinda guess that I just had to prove them wrong after about 4 months of racing by flipping kart down the track. I did manage to just walk away with a small hole in my legs and a concussion.

Fast forward a few years and I joined the British Army where I thoroughly enjoyed the physical aspect of things and it is where I started training properly in the gym with a good friend turned best friend. Pea head would show me the ropes and help guide me on nutrition and what supplements to take etc.

After leaving the army I would continue to train and further my knowledge in bodybuilding and diet/nutrition. I would then meet my now wife and it was her that really explained diet and nutrition in a different way. I decided  I would get my personal training certificate in case I ever wanted to do personal training as a lot of people were asking for my diets, programs, and advice. 

I competed at the UKBFF in 2014 and came third in my qualifying round and made it to the British Finals. Although I didn’t place in the final I am happy to achieve making the final, it was not a priority of mine at the time so just tried to enjoy the training and experience of competing in it.

I have since kept up the training with my work commitments and decided to create this training program which I have labeled Project X. The reason for that is there are 2 ways to use this program and one is get jacked and the other is to get shredded. All you will need to do is manipulate the diet and rep range according to your own goals.

This was the result of the Project X program…….

So let’s get started….

You can get a copy of the program over here….

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