Start Believing In Yourself

You spend your whole life pushing forward but keep having setbacks after setbacks and you wonder to yourself is having success really for me? It is inevitable to start doubting yourself and your abilities when all it seems like are failures with no success. What I want to tell you is that you can absolutely turn your luck around and push the failures barriers and rocket to success. It will take all your mental and emotional power to turn the tides and breathe an air of positivity into your life to help you achieve your goals. What you need to do is use the power of focus…Focus on the good you have in your life and the good you want to attract. As hard as that is when all around you in negativity if you can remain positive and focused on the goals at hand your luck, will change.

Fail Forward

The first thing you need to realize is that it is ok to fail and fail forward you must. Learn from your mistakes and failures and become wiser on your quest. Thomas Edison said, “I have not failed, I have just found 10 000 ways that do not work” He failed forward to success and will be remembered for all times because of it. Do not think that because of failure you are not destined for success or worthy of it. How many Champions of this world never made the first teams or achieved success in their early days but failed forward until they reached their goals. Do not allow the simple failures deter you from pushing forward and in believing that they can accomplish something. It isn’t a matter of failing; it’s a matter of not giving up. It’s a matter of continuously pushing forward and living with a resilient heart and a tenacious spirit. While failure can be disheartening and it can strike a deadly blow into our hearts, it isn’t the end of the world. Only very few and very lucky people truly hit success on their first attempt and some of the ones that do have used the power fo the law of attraction to do so. Often, it takes multiple failures and setbacks to achieve our dreams. It’s okay to feel frustrated, however, it is not okay to stop believing in yourself and your ability to see things through. Persistence is the only real thing that separates a successful person from a failure.

What Is Your Why?

If you do not have a deep and strong enough WHY you want to achieve whatever it is you will not keep pushing when the going gets tough. Why do you want the things that you want? What’s driving you and pushing you to move forward? Are your goals superficial like a big house, flashy cars or jets? Or are they more deep-rooted, like helping family, friends, getting rid of poverty, finding a cure for a disease? These reasons only you can answer and the deeper the desire the more you will be able to push forward. Do you want to provide for your family or leave a lasting legacy for your kids to have and for their kids and so on? You have to find your “why” and your motivator. It’s different for everyone.

Create Good Habits

Habits comprise 45% of our behavior according to one study, but it’s likely even more than that. Much of what we do is on autopilot. From the time we wake up, to our routines in the morning, the direction we travel to work in, the websites we visit, the things we say, how we think and so on. Since so much of our behavior is autonomous, it’s also easy to allow negative and poor behavior to become habitual over time. When bad habits do a slow creep into our lives, we often don’t realize it until it’s too late. It’s easier to lose the belief in ourselves when we succumb to the fact that we simply can’t do something because of a personal limitation when it’s really just a matter of retraining our minds. Focus on developing good habits if you want to breathe air back into your beliefs about yourself and your potential for positive future outcomes.

Positive Mental Attitude

I am a firm believer of what you think about most you become. If you constantly think negative thoughts that is all that you will attract into your life, is negative things. After a few setbacks, it is easy to start doubting yourself and your abilities which can make you think negative thoughts. We question whether we’re capable of achieving the goals that we have set out, or whether have what it takes to see things through. Instead, we have to think positively and make this part of our overall routines. Always try and find the silver lining in any negative situation. What can you learn from it and why? Negative thinking fosters those negative emotions such as fear, stress, and anxiety. Practice thinking positively to counteract that. Watch a funny movie if you have to get out of your funk and do something that makes you happy. List out all the reasons why you should believe in yourself and how you’ve turned things around in the past.

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Be Grateful

When I look at people that have created any form of success I get this feeling of joy in my heart. I have never felt jealous that someone has more than myself but instead, Iimmediately start thinking of ways to go about creating my own success. I think to myself if they can do it why not me? There are a lot of people that compare their lives to successful people and feel depressed, unhappy and or jealous. They wonder how they are ever going to enjoy the finer things in life when all they are doing is scraping by. I cannot imagine how it must feel like that but I do know that if you allow yourself to have those negative thoughts run through your mind you will attract more of it to your life. Life isn’t about the things that we don’t have, it’s about appreciating what we do have, being grateful for the good that we do have in our lives and if you really think about it everyone has some good in their lives. Majority or if not all the people in modern society has the ability to create happiness and success, they possess the tools to do this they just do not believe it. I have traveled to the richest countries of this world and I have been to the poorest. I am extremely grateful for the little things when I see people who have absolutely nothing or earn peanuts in comparison to what people earn in the bigger cities. There are thousands of people in this world living in absolute squalor, without hope or opportunity for the future. When you go out and spend £100/$100 on a weekend with friends or shopping for clothes there are people that are working 7 days a week to earn that amount in a month. Put your life into perspective and BE GRATEFUL for what you have in your life. When you contribute to others and realize the plight of some who don’t have enough to eat or a place to sleep at night, it will give you a new perspective on your life. By helping others in need you will instill a deeper belief in yourself because you realize that you do have enough at the end of the day.

Why You Should Never Stop Believing In Yourself



I believe we were all born for a purpose and we all have our calling as they say. I think the problem with society now and with the rise of social media is that people put to much pressure on themselves to be better than the people they see on tv or social media. Life is not about that, it is about being the best person you can be. No matter what happens in your life, what failures you have to endure or pain you have to go through, you should never stop believing that there are far greater things in store for you. No matter what trials we’re put through in life, they’re all designed to help instill a sense of purpose and for us to appreciate what we have rather than what we don’t. That’s when the real magic starts to happen. Forget what the negative people say and focus on yourself. Believe in yourself no matter what anyone else says to you or no matter what you have to endure. Don’t allow anyone to help convince you that you’re not worthy of accomplishing or achieving something. We all have different journeys in life, and not everyone wants to achieve the same goals or do the same things, follow your heart and your path. The most important thing is to never give up the hope and the belief in yourself. Do this and your future self with thank you.



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