Success Habits

Developing Successful Habits

In a roundabout, way habits are what really define us. People that are disciplined in the daily habits are usually more successful than those who are not. But what are habits? Our habits are derived from repetitious behavior over time. The more we repeatedly do something the more our minds/brain will sync to this habit making it become second nature. Not all habits are good though and it is these bad habits that hold us back from moving forward and achieving success.

Late night snacking on unhealthy foods, smoking, drinking to much, watching un-educational tv or surfing the internet aimlessly are the bad habits we need to break free from. I am sure that you know your what your bad habits are and if you do not then take a minute to think what you could do to live healthier and be more productive. Like most of us I am sure your bad habits outweigh the good which is why you are reading this article.

We all want to be successful in life at something, big or small. Everyone has hopes and dreams and I am sure you have thought about yours many a night. The frightening factor is that not alot of people act on their dreams and goal planning, they get sidetracked or beat down to either giving up or just putting it off till another day.

It is not all doom and gloom trust me you just need to get your A into gear and develop some good habits, success habits that will push you towards your goals. Once you etch those new must-have success habits into the neural pathways of your mind achieving our hopes and our dreams becomes effortless. Just as you would, say, reach for a chocolate bar without thinking about it, you’ll institute these must-have success habits without thinking about them.

What are the Must-Have Success Habits?

There are probably 100s of success habits that we should be practicing but who the hell has the dedication to learn 100s when you just need to perfect a few habits to get the foundations layed correctly.

When you have these habits, you’ll push through your present-day limitations and make the breakthroughs in life that you’re hoping for. If you implement these on a daily basis and you don’t give up on your hopes and your dreams, then you can accomplish anything your heart desires.

But first, you need to know how to build habits

If repetition and procedure improvement are necessary to acquire skills, then habits are an important part of skill development. After all, habits are repeated actions—routines—that people do nearly subconsciously.

Charles Duhigg is the author of The Power of Habit, a book that analyzes what seems like hundreds of studies to help readers understand how to use habits to change their lives.

Habits are made up of several parts:

1. Cue: The event that kicks off a process. It’s a trigger that seems to automatically stimulate a certain behavior.
2. Routine: The behavior that follows a cue. This routine, Duhigg says, can be physical, mental, or emotional.
3. Reward: The good that comes from the behavior. The reward can also be
physical, mental, or emotional—it is the felt outcome of the routine.
4. Craving: There needs to be a longing or desire—a craving for the reward—to continue building a real habit.
5. Belief: The faith that the system you’re following will continue to work and fulfill the craving.

Duhigg’s habit research suggests that as you repeat your routine processes, your brain literally does less work. That means the amount of effort to think through every detail fades while your productivity rises.


The 3 most important Habits to Set

Habit #1 – Set Goals

Daily, Weekly, Annually, 5 years, 10 Years…

Don’t just write down your goals, write down a reason why you need to achieve that goal. Be specific, very specific, do not just say I want to earn X amount give an exact amount, and after you write it down visualize it in your mind. Give it a meaning and something of value. Once you have written down your goals, re-read upon waking up and before going to bed. Evaluate what you could have done better during the day to reach those goals. If you set your goals properly, and you know what you want, when you want it by, and why you want it, then your life takes on an entirely different meaning.

Goal setting is an important skill to have. I’m not talking about something obscure in your mind. I’m talking about setting actual goals down on paper that you can see right in front of your eyes. When your goals are real and on paper, something changes – something just clicks in your head. You have a goal and you have a target to aim for.

Habit #2 – Manage Your Time Efficiently

Damn, this is something that I just need to screw the nut with, I am just a headless chicken at times and my ADHD doesn’t help I know but… where there is a will there is a way and I will succeed. The second must-have success habit is the ability to manage your time efficiently. Time management is essential to succeeding in any area of your life. How much time do you waste on social media just aimlessly scrolling down the news feed? How much time do you watch tv instead of spending it on work or your side hustle? We all know just how much time we waste on a daily basis doing things that we probably shouldn’t be doing.

So how do you manage time efficiently? Become organized… Plan your day the night before even if it is just in your head before you go to bed. Let your subconscious mind do the work while you are sleeping. The first thing you’ll need to do is adhere to the must-have success habit #1 and set goals daily. When you break your day down into what you need to do, you can categorize the importance of those things, what is important what isn’t that important. If you haven’t read Eat That Frog by Brian Tracey then do yourself a favor and pick up a copy to read.

Our success habit, then, must be to first attack tasks that are not urgent but important. These tasks are the long-term goals that we have in life. All you have to do in order to develop this habit is to spend your first 10 minutes of your day writing out what you intend to accomplish.

The end of the day write down what you achieved and what you didnt manage to achieve and WHY? If you want to reach long-term goals in any area of your life you need to make this a success habit.

Habit #3 – Measure and Track Everything

One of the most important success habits you can have is the inclination to measure and track everything. From your goals to your time, to your finances, to your weight, and everything in between, by tracking over time you’re getting an idea of your progress or deterioration. If you don’t track, and your results deteriorate over time, then you can see it clearer and make an effort to fix it.

It really doesn’t take a lot of time to set these habits up and get the wheels in motion it is the daily repetition you need to follow to make it a habit. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit if you do the steps correctly. Give yourself 28 days to perfect this and you cannot lose. Set alarms to remind yourself what you need to do to stay dedicated to forming those success habits.

Spend 5 – 10 mins every morning and every night writing down your goals, gratitude and your plan of attack and in 21/28 days you will have cemented those success habits into your subconscious mind and you will be achieving those hopes, goals and dreams faster than you think.

On the last note, we are what we think about most so if you truly are doing your goal setting and planning every morning and every night then you will attack those hopes and dreams just like the law of attraction says you can.


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