Bodyweight Exercises To Build Muscle and Burn Fat

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We have all seen the videos of Frank Medrano or the crazy guys over at BarStarzz and know how incredibly ripped they all are and not to mention the insane moves they can do with just their body weight. You might be thinking how tough could it actually be to do that, well let me tell you if you have not done any bodyweight stuff it could be just as hard as lifting heavy weights. Like anything, it can all be learned and it can be dominated.

This article, however, is not to tell you how to be a calisthenics king as to be honest I have no clue how those guys do it all. The main point is to tell you that just by using body weight you can achieve great things.

If you cannot make it to the gym on certain days you can do a full body workout routine or if you are traveling and the hotel gym just has cardio machines there this again is a great time to bang out the body weight exercises. You can also add some of these exercises to the end of your workout to fully tax those muscles and give them one final burn.

Another reason this is very beneficial to your training regime is that you will always keep your muscle guessing. Add the following bodyweight exercises to the end of your regular gym routine or, when you can’t make it to the gym or are looking for a new way to maximally tax your muscles, you can string them together for a total-body workout.

By doing bodyweight exercises you can also add in some cardiovascular and HIIT style training which is good for the heart and body overall.

In today’s world, the huge bodybuilders and massive arms are not as popular as they were in Arnold’s days. I think the era of the King Ronnie Colman ruined it as the bodybuilders just got too big and it looked freaky good but just not aesthetic. The majority of guys want that fitness look with a bit of muscle. Personally, I think it looks better and is easier to maintain as I travel a lot.

After having a few huge bike accidents one of the main things I need to focus on in the gym is having a strong core. Body weight exercises can really help with overall core strength if you are unable to get to the gym to do those big compound movements. Sure it doesn’t sound as good as having 21-inch guns but when you start knocking on in age having a strong core is more important than big arms.

With Bodyweight exercises, you can increase the intensity by modifying the technique, speed and rest periods. Push-ups too easy? Slow the tempo down by counting 4-5 seconds down and then 4-5 seconds back up.

While standard bodyweight moves are effective for improving muscle strength and endurance, I am not here to try to convince you to ditch your free-weight workout as bodyweight-only training does have its limitations.

Here’s how to boost the intensity of a move:

1. Rep Speed
Most guys in the gym are used to taking 2-3 seconds to raise themselves or weight and another 2-3 second to lower it, you’ll find it much harder to take a full 10 seconds on the lift and another five seconds on the lowering phase or vice versa.

2. Rest Periods
By reducing your rest periods you not only fatigue your muscles more but you also build your strength endurance in your msucles.

3. Supersets
Take away rest intervals altogether when doing two or more exercises to dramatically boost the intensity of your workout. Rest after you have performed 2 or 3 exercises.

4. Squeeze and Contract
Feel the muscle contract, and consciously tighten it at the point of peak contraction for 2-3 seconds. Squeeze so hard you feel those muscle fibers popping out the skin.

5. Partial Reps
Work through a portion of the range of motion to intensify the burn or you can do half reps.

All sets should be done to muscle fatigue. Rest periods should be about 30 seconds but can be shortened or lengthened depending on fatigue level.

Using your body weight as resistance offers many distinct advantages over traditional resistance training, and you can easily do it in place of the gym when time or conditions warrant for it. Lastly, adding bodyweight exercises to your current gym routine by using techniques such as supersets or slow reps to boost intensity will greatly benefit your overall performance in the gym.

Home Workouts

Workout 1 

Jog on the spot for 2mins shaking arms, and then stretch for 1min 

Do the following exercises for 20sec of work/10s of rest for 8 -10 rounds:





Workout 2

For time challenges, you go all out for a set number of reps, timing yourself. The next time you hit that workout, challenge your previous record. You can mix up the exercises if 2 are displayed.

10-20 Pushups / Dips on a chair

10-20 Squats / Lunges

10-20 Leg Raises 

10-20 Burpees

Each set with 10s of rest in between. Repeat 4 more times for a total of 250-500 reps.

Workout 3

Do each exercise for 20 secs and have 15 secs rest for 10 rounds


Mountain Climbers

Jumping Jacks




Workout 4 ( Out Door HIIT )

Use a count down timer for this one. Set your time for 20mins

5 min slow jog

Sprint for 20secs

Jog for 20secs 

Until you have 5mins left

Jog for the remaining 5 mins. 

Stretch stretch stretch 

Reverse Pyramid Bodyweight Workout.   

100,90,80,70,60,50,40,30,20,10 workout.

Workout Notes

  • Bodyweight squats – Using no extra weight, feet should be slightly wider then hip width with feet pointed at a slight angle. Try to squat low enough so thighs are parallel to the floor.
  • Leg Raises – Lie on the floor and lift both straight legs or modify w/bent knees.
  • Mountain Climbers – Knees to your chest while raising your hands in the air – alternating sides.
  • Push up – As standard
  • Burpees – From standing position place hands on the floor, kick both legs out behind you, drop chest to floor, push up and jump feet back in, stand and jump off the floor and clap hands, this is one rep.  
  • Chair Dips – Use a chair to work your triceps and do dips on the edge of the chair.

Countdown to Fitness

Bodyweight Workout




Jumping Jacks






Bodyweight Squats



Leg Raises



Chair Dips



Mountain Climbers






Reverse Crunches



Push Ups







2 ways to make this workout more intense…

1. Make a note of your time and then try beat it next time around.

2. Use a weighted vest.



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