How To Become Unstoppable

It’s 5 am and my daughter is screaming, my wife’s already been up through the night so now it’s my turn to get up and do the parental thing. The puppy runs up and she needs to go outside or no doubt ill be smelling or stepping wee and shit. As I sit there with my morning cup of Tchibo Coffee I think about how great my day is going to be, what goals I need to knock off and what I need to do in my life to give my wife and kids the best.

Not so long ago the man of the house could go out, earn a decent wage and the wife could look after the kids. Now-days majority of families have parents working 1 -2 jobs if they do not own there own business or if they do they still need a supplement income to make ends meet. It is not getting easier that is for sure and one needs to be ready for the challenges that life can throw at you. Not just financially but mentally.

I read and listen to self-improvement and motivation books which helps to keep me moving forward towards my goals. You see the thing is this, I want to have a good life and I want to give my family the best and therefore I must continue to grow personally.

Here are some of the thoughts I think can help you become unstoppable in your quest in life.

1. Think for yourself

This is by no means being selfish but an absolute must to become the person you desire to be. One of the most powerful lessons to learn is that you can figure out what to do in situations that seem to have no solution. Where there is a will there is a way and every negative situation has a positive outlook to it, it is just your job to ignore the bad and find the good. The more times you do this, the more you will believe it. Being a Champion in life comes from learning that you can get back up after you get knocked down.

2. Believe in yourself

The most successful people I know believe in themselves almost to the point of delusion. Warren Buffett always said he knew he would be rich, without a shadow of doubt in his mind. He would tip very generously even when he first started investing as that was the mindset he needed to have to get up to the level that he wanted to get to.

The true value in life is created through self-belief. It all starts with you, your beliefs and your desires.

3. Learn to focus

Quality trumps quantity. You can spend hours and hours working on something only to think to yourself what have I actually done and achieved in this time frame. Focus on the quality of your work and the quality of your schedule in order to get proper results.
Once you have figured out what to do, be unstoppable about getting your small handful of priorities accomplished quickly. I have yet to meet a slow-moving person who is very successful.

4. Work Smart and Hard


I bet you thought you read work smart, not hard… NO NO NO You will still need to work your ass off however if you can be smart about your hard schedule that you will magnify your results.

The earlier you start to work smart and hard, the more time you have for the benefits to pay off. While you are younger or don’t have kids it is also easier to work hard when you have fewer other responsibilities.

Find ways not to burn yourself out as many people tend to do this. Find something that you can do to be more productive. An easy strategy for this is to do something you love and have fun doing. The likeminded people will boost productivity in your schedule along with keeping you hungry for more success.

5. Go for Exponential Growth

As Mr. Grant Cardone says 10X your life. Why settle for a mediocre life when you can have 10x of that? Yes, we all going in the ground at the end of our lives the same way but I would much rather cry or be sad in Rolls / Linear Jet than in an old rusty banger.

6. Be Persistent

Being persistent is one of the most important keys to manifest any desire. A distinguishing attribute of those who succeed in life against those who don’t is persistence.

Many have the capacity to set goals and plan toward success, yet only a few succeed. So many people do not stay the course working on their goals and plans until it is accomplished. Majority stop before they even start or they quit halfway to reaching their goals. Why is it that so many people quit before they see any decent results? I can only boil it down to hard times bringing a negative mentality, minor setbacks, and uncertainty. They let the fears of failure paralyze their move forward towards their goals and dreams. The only way to become Unstoppable is to become persistent in your mission. If you do not give your goals and reams 200% effort and attention then how can you really expect to get the results you are seeking.

Having a strong will and mindset to overcome setbacks and challenges. For this, you need to continually work on your own self-development and grow yourself into the person you want to become

Read these Self Improvement Books

Being in peak physical condition is an absolute must. I am not saying you need to live in the gym like I do but I am saying that you need to get off your lazy ass and do something. If you do not like running or gym pick a hobby which can keep you active and fit. I have worked with the millionaires and billionaires and one factor is that they ALL do some sort of physical activity. If you are struggling with your training and or diet then take a look at my 12-week training program to get you training and eating right!

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It is hard if near impossible to have the finer things in life without money. You need to learn how to multiply your money and make it work for you. Having a side hustle that makes you money while you sleep.

Your salary won’t make you rich — owning things will
You can own real estate, a part of a business, intellectual property or a natural resource. “But somehow or other, you need to own equity in something, instead of just selling your time.

Time only scales linearly. Learning to trade the financial markets is a skill that will give you an abundance of wealth.

Think about this, you spend over 10 years in education that does not actually show you how to make money but you won’t invest 6 months of your time to invest in yourself to pay you for the rest of your life.

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