HIIT Workouts – Why You Need Them

Doing HIIT workouts can provide a variety of different benefits for your body, both physically (in terms of lean muscle) and with your health overall (cardiovascular). If you are not incorporating HIIT into your training program then I would suggest you take a look at why you should do it and then try a few of the HIIT finishers I like to do after I have done my workout.


HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training is a few workouts done at a very high pace usually for short periods of time followed by a shorter rest period. Point to note is that you can have various types of HIIT  that have different timing for each exercise. You can expect HIIT workouts to range anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes because it’s focused on shorter workouts with higher intensity.


HIIT is often praised as being uniquely effective for fat loss—more so than LISS or steady-state cardio. That’s mainly on the basis that your body continues to burn calories at an accelerated rate after the workout is over. The size of this “afterburn effect,” as well as the extent to which it contributes to weight loss, however, have both been highly exaggerated.

Researchers from Colorado State University, for example, found that HIIT led to an average of 226 extra calories being burned over the course of the day. And that’s not just the calories burned after the workout. It’s the calories burned both during and after exercise. What’s more, HIIT had no impact on resting metabolism when it was measured 23 hours after exercise. All of the calories were burned during and immediately after the workout itself.


HIIT training is not limited to any particular workout you can do a  variety of exercises ranging from bodyweight exercises to sprints to using weights; whatever it is you want to do you can do as long as you get your heart rate to the max for 20 secs or more.
One of the best things about HIIT is that it can be done anywhere, not just the gym. So I often use HIIT when I am traveling and there is no gym or the gym is very basic and or limited. If you do go to the gym you can do some HIIT finishers at the end of your workout or as a complete workout itself.


The below circuits done in 2 ways. Either by reps or by time. If the exercise is with a weight I tend to stick to 8-12 reps and if it is without weight and uses body weight or cardio I will stick to 20 secs. Rest periods are between 10 secs and 45 secs.


If I am doing body weight exercises and 20 secs work I will take 10 secs rest between exercise.
If I am using weights I will do them consecutively and have 45 secs rest at the end of the circuit.


1 Chin Up
2 Jump Squat
3 Parallel Bar Dip
4 Walking Lunge
5 V-Sit on Floor
1 Burpee to Chin Up
2 High Knee Sprint in Place
3 Inverted Row
4 T-Pushup Pushup
5 Prisoner Squat
1 Squat Thrust
2 Tiger Crawl
3 Bridge & Reach
*Each time your left foot crosses in front of your right count that as one rep.
1 Wide Out- 3 x 20
2 Spiderman Pushup
3 High Knee Sprint in Place
1 Close Stance Squat
2 Bridge and Reach*
3 Cossack Squat**
4 Full Range Mountain Climber**
*Do 12 reps per side, 24 total.
**Do 12 reps per side, 24 total.
**Bring foot up outside of elbow, near hand.
Only count the reps on one leg, so you’ll be doing
24 total.
1 Bear Walk- 3 x 50ft x 0-30 sec. rest
2 Jumping Jack- 3 x 20 x 0-30 sec. rest
3 Duck Walk- 3 x 50ft x 0-30 sec. rest
4 Seal Jack – 3 x 20 x 0-30 sec. rest
5 Crab Walk- 3 x 50ft x 0-30 sec. rest
1 Alternate Battling Ropes
2 Rope Slams
3 Grapplers Throw Battling Ropes
1 Seated Battling Rope In & Out Waves
2 Alternate Battling Ropes w/ Reverse Lunge
3 Rope Jumping Jacks
1 Jump Rope (varied technique)
2 Squatting Alternate Battling Ropes
3 Jump Rope (varied technique)
4 Side-to-Side Battling Ropes-
1 Jump Rope High Knee Sprints
2 In & Out Battling Rope Waves
3 Jump Rope Ali Shuffle
4 Upper Cut Battling Ropes
1 Bike Sprint
2 Hindu Pushup
3 Double KB High Pull
4 Grasshopper
1 Bike Sprint
2 Heavy Bag Punching
3 Bike Sprint
4 Medicine Ball Slam
5 Bike Sprint
6 Sledgehammer Swing
1 Bike Sprint
2 Low Lateral Hurdle Jump
3 Tornado Ball Rotational Slam
4 Bike Sprint-
5 Jump Rope
6 Burpee-
1 Back Squat
2 Military Press
3 Hang Clean
4 Deadlift
1 Military Press
2 Front Squat
3 Bent Over Row
4 Romanian Deadlift
1 Overhead Squat
2 Military Press
3 Front Squat
4 Bent Over Row
5 Romanian Deadlift
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