How To Learn To Trade Forex For Free

When I first started trading I didn’t know anyone and I was not part of any good trading groups. I had the guys who introduced me to trading who’s group was not big and that was about it. I turned to the internet to look for trading blogs and guidance but they were few and far between and a lot of them were just about trading stocks and pennies which didn’t interest me. I then turned to YouTube but I found there was so much bullshit on there however there are some people I will list below who I have found value from watching.  The hottest social media platform right now is obviously Instagram and it is where there are the majority of traders who don’t have websites but will do live updates daily which is very handy.
Websites to follow:
YouTube Accounts to follow:
Anil Mangal
Astro Forex
Linton White
Forex 101 
The Shredded FX Trader
Instagram profiles to follow: 
The profiles that I have stated above are just traders I follow who have helped me on my journey in some way or another, whether it be trading or motivational from trading. Make sure that you do your own due diligence and build your own opinion. Trading is a long term game that if you master will pay you handsomely for the rest of your life give these traders a follow and watch their journeys. It is best to learn from those that have been there and done it.



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