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I am John Champion,  TSFXTrader

I currently live in Durban, South Africa although I have lived in the UK for many years. I am a husband , a father and I have a passion for self development, Bodybuilding and I am creating the ultimate lifestyle where you don’t need to worry about pay day. I grew up being an athlete, racing motocross for 11 years, winning championships, before injuring my back and my parents throwing in the towel for me. Probably was a good thing as I was a complete nutter on a bike. Training has always been a passion for me but it wasn’t until I met my wife I truly took it seriously.

After leaving school I join the Royal Engineers in the British Army, which made me grow up and become a man. I learnt want brotherhood was all about. When I left the army I made a life being an executive protection agent and personal trainer. It was during this time that I was introduced to a Hedge Fund manager who guided me to the world of Forex trading.

Life has not always been smooth sailing for me and I have always read motivational books, been to seminars and watched motivational movies to get me out of the dark side. I don’t know what it is but hearing of people hit rock bottom and then bouncing back to create this amazing life of abundance is just so inspiring to me. This really made me have a never say die attitude.

What can The Shredded FX Trader do for you?

Everything I do I put 200% into it and just like training,  learning to trade was something I got very passionate about. I have always had a passion for helping people keep in shape and now I am using that energy to help people learn the foreign exchange market. I created this website to help guys like you shave years off their self-improvement journey. I’m here to condense everything I have learnt into neat little articles that will help you on the fast track to looking great, feeling your best and creating that passive income.

I’ve been there, overcome it, and can provide the guidance you need to reach either your fitness goals and get into the best shape of your life or learn to trade the financial markets and create another income. I travel all over the world so I know first hand how to train when there are no hotel gyms , what to eat and how to stay motivated.

Furthermore, I understand that not everything works equally well for everyone. We can’t all be talented athletes – something most of the genetically gifted personal trainers fail to comprehend.

I understand that not everyone is looking to devote their entire lives to researching the financial markets and fitness, but everyone I’ve come across is interested in improving their body and lining their pockets with more money. Everyone wants to look good and everyone wants to live a good life.

I won’t feed you any dribble like “use this 4min workout for a shredded 6-pack!!!!” or “Earn $10k a day by trading this strategy.”

My main goal is to inspire my readers to take charge of their lives, find their confidence,  and feel the innumerable benefits of improving their physical appearance. I want people to say because of you I never gave up and reached my goals, but most importantly I want to connect with genuine likeminded people and grow some solid friendships.

Please take a look around my site and shoot me an email on my contact me or follow me on social media.

John Champion, TSFXTrader

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