Forex Education

Forex Trading

Online Self Study Course

Forex Education

This is an online self-study course where you will have access to video content to go with your trading manual giving your Forex Education the boost it needs to be a confident trader.

  1. What is Trading all about
  2. The Quadrants in trading
  3. What moves the market
  4. What is Forex and why should you trade itForex Education
  5. Technical and Fundamental analysis
  6. What is a trend
  7. Support and Resistance / Significant turning points
  8. Candlestick Patterns and Market Structure
  9. Chart Patterns
  10. Fibonacci Retracements
  11. Moving Averages
  12. Trade planning and Management
  13. 3 Winning Strategies


In order to gain access to the course please create an account with the broker below and fund your account. Contact me on with your account number and I will send you the link to the course.

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