TBFXC Trading Course

Andrew was introduced to forex trading by his father in 2013 and since then he has taken on the challenge of learning every aspect of trading and been a successful full-time trader for the past 5 years. Trader Bridge’s as he is known has been actively teaching people his knowledge and skills for the last 2 years. Trader Bridge’s knowledge is not just on a technical level and his knowledge of all the fundamentals is second to none.

By realizing the number of traders who were struggling, TBFXC was born – although difficult without the reference materials to help traders, this was where TBFXC  passion lay. This inspired Trader Bridges to write his own material based on his ‘Multiple Time Frame’ approaches, releasing it to the public, and wanting to share this knowledge with up and coming traders. Having successfully worked with a number of traders since the creation of TBFXC in 2018,  Trader Bridges is eager to work with individuals who are looking to improve their skills, just as he was when he started years ago. The reason for sharing his journey is to inspire the next generation of FX traders and display the endless possibilities that this field of work has to offer. Trader Bridges welcomes traders from any level of experience to be inspired by his hard work and encourage any like-minded individuals to reach out to him.


1. Intro to Forex

2. Trading View

3. Candlesticks

4. Time Frames

5. Trading Style

6. Market Conditions

7. Support and Resistance

8. Moving Averages

9. Trendlines

10. Fibonacci

11. Psychology

12. Trading Plan

13. Journaling

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